Whynter Arc 14SH

Whynter Arc 14SH Air Conditioner Reviews – AC and Heater with Top Performance Whynter portable air conditioner arc 14sh is one of the most popular products by Whynter in the AC and heater category. For that reason, we decided to write the whynter portable air conditioner reviews for this model. We believe that this product is one of the best choices for the portable AC and heater that you need.

Whynter Arc 14SH

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Whynter Arc 14SH

But, before we start with the review, we would like to remind you that there is another product with a similar name. It is called whynter portable air conditioner arc 14s. As you can see, it doesn’t have the “H” letter on its name. That means that the product only has cooling properties. It doesn’t have a heating feature like 14SH. Make sure you pay attention to this name, so you don’t choose the wrong product. Now, let’s start our reviews whynter portable air conditioner.

The Beautiful and Aesthetic Design

Whynter did a good job choosing the design for this whynter portable air conditioner dual hose. It is simple and minimalist. The two colors on the front side ooze the modern home appliance vibe. Put it in your room, and it will look good along with your TV, PC, and other home appliances.

The Performance and Features

It doesn’t matter how beautiful a whynter portable air conditioner and heater is, if it doesn’t work properly, you only waste your money on it. Fortunately, the ARC-14SH model has everything that the best AC and heater device has.

First of all, you can find the four operational modes in it. So, it is not only whynter portable air conditioner heater and AC. You get another two functions, which are fan and dehumidifier. This device gives you a guarantee of clean and comfortable air in your room.

Let’s talk about the whynter portable air conditioner filter. Whynter uses the washable pre-filter on this product. That means you can use it over and over for a long time. It saves more money and energy to maintain it. Plus, the filter also uses Activated Carbon material that can keep microorganisms from the air in your room.

It also has a complete set of adjustable settings. That is also one of many reasons we choose this model for this whynter portable air conditioner review. So, what makes it amazing? It has 24 programmable timers. It means we can adjust it and leave it like that for a day. It will work like what we want. Moreover, we also can use its full thermostatic control to adjust the temperature without hassle.

For maintenance, Whynter also gives an auto drain function. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about the whynter portable air conditioner drain bucket. Adjust its setting and this device will do the rest for you. It saves your time and energy.

We also love the dual hose feature. The whynter portable air conditioner drain hose and cooling hose allow it to work effectively. It cools and heats the room much faster. Moreover, what we got here is the whynter portable air conditioner 14000 btu. That amount of power is enough to control the temperature in a 500 square feet room easily.

We also realize that the 14,000 BTU power level is a perfect choice for residential. This power gives you enough time to enjoy your summer at the coolest and comfortable temperature. Then, in winter, its heater produces 9,000 BTU power levels that also provide the heating function much faster.

However, we also would like to remind you that the 14,000 BTU power level is not necessarily perfect for any room. If you plan to use this product in a much smaller room than 500 square feet room, you may prefer to choose the whynter portable air conditioner 12000 btu. Or, you can even go down to the whynter portable air conditioner 10000 btu, if you think that is enough power for your small room.

By choosing whynter portable air conditioner 12000 or lower power level, you can save more electrical energy. It also means you don’t have to pay more energy bills for the heater and AC usage. However, make sure you only use the lower BTU level for a proper room. Otherwise, we recommend you to keep using the ARC-14SH to get optimal and efficient AC and heater performance.

Another thing that you also should know about ARC-14SH is its environmentally friendlier design. Whynter uses safe whynter portable air conditioner parts, which is a CFC-free GREEN R32 refrigerant. Combined with the lead-free RoHS compliant components, we got not only the best whynter portable air conditioner here. This model is also a good choice for our Earth.

ARC-14SH model comes with a complete whynter portable air conditioner manual. You can find all the information that you need there. It includes how to install and troubleshoot. But, we believe that you won’t need the manual to install it. Whynter creates this product to be easy to install. Plus, it even can automatically restart when there is a power outage.

As for the troubleshooting part, it could be very useful for you. We see some users experienced the problem with it, like whynter portable air conditioner not cooling. But, we can see all the solutions that you need in its manual. Or, if you still can’t find them, do not hesitate to contact their customer service or look for the guide on Whynter official website. We believe you can find the solution in no time.

Where to Buy

Now, there is only one thing that you should do. You have to find the best place to buy an ARC-14SH portable air conditioner and heater by Whynter. We recommend Amazon. They have a good deal and reasonable prices for this model. Furthermore, you also can find whynter portable air conditioner window kit there that you might need.


In short, this model has a design that looks great in any room. The performance and features also give you the most satisfying result. Therefore, we can only say that this product is one of the best creations by Whynter. For that reason, whenever you want to get a new portable AC and heater, you can only choose the whynter arc 14sh manual reviews